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  Open 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday 

Terms and conditions of use

1. Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is carried out with all due professional care.

2. Defects in delivered item to be cleaned

Lords Dry Cleaners shall not be held responsible for damage caused by the quality of the article to be cleaned if the damage was not detected during a professional inspection (e.g. damage as a result of loose fabric or seams or as a result of colours or printed patterns not being fast or as a result of shrinkage caused by previous non-professional cleaning or as a result of hidden foreign bodies and other hidden defects). This shall also apply to articles that are unsuitable or only partially suitable for cleaning if these are not clearly labelled or Lords Dry Cleaners staff are unable to detect this in the course of their professional inspection.

3. Returning the item

The clean item shall be returned only on presentation of proof of service (e.g. receipt). If this cannot be provided, the customer must prove that he or she is authorised to collect the owner's items. All items shall be collected no later than three months following the agreed collection date.

4. Defects in cleaned items

In the event of defects being found in collected items, customers must demonstrate that such defects were caused by the cleaning company. (Receipts must be provided.) The company shall be notified of any obvious defects within two weeks of collection.

5. Limited liability

Lords Dry Cleaners shall be liable to the full and unlimited amount for the loss of items at the replacement cost. For damage caused during cleaning, the cleaner shall be liable only when gross negligence can be proved and then to the full and unlimited cost of replacement. Liability shall otherwise be limited to the price of cleaning.




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Web Site Deals




Single or double

2 for £35


King size £24 each

Great Service

Same day service on most garments when you come direct including Saturday


We also have agencies that we call on twice a day so you can drop off your standard cleaning before 10am and it is normally returned by 3pm the same day.

This is not a guaranteed service as stain removal can sometimes take longer to clean a garment.

However, if you need a garment by the next delivery then please tell the agent and we will return the item best results in the time.

See our services and agencies page for your nearest agent.



Dry Cleaned



Air Cleaned


New price list  will offer an automatic quantity discount. The prices on this web site are not inclusive of any discount which you can see in store only.



Offers only available direct & not through our agencies.

Offer does not include dinner suits, specialist clean, silks and payment must be made when leaving your garments.

Basic Dry Cleaning Prices


Trousers                         £ TBA

Skirts from                      £

2Pc Suits                      £

Winter coats                  £

Day Dresses from           £ Ladies 2Pc Dress suit  £

Jackets                        £

Wedding Dresses from        £

Boxes acid free               

Duvets double laundered     £

Ugg Boots from         £


Shorten Garments.

Skirts  from                   £14.50

Skirts with lining            £17.00

Trousers                       £14.50

 Coat & Jacket sleeves from   £17.00

Repair  prices are only for customers who come direct and may be higher through some agents.

Full price list in store or on our  web page.






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