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Our prices and special offers

Take a look at our unbeatable prices and very special offers.

Current promotion - Shirt Offer

Our best service is You Wash We Press.

5 shirts pressed for £11.00

10 Shirts pressed for just £17.50

Price list

This table shows you just a few of our services, all at fantastic prices!

Dry cleaning  TBA

Skirt from    
Shirt see offer               Single


2Pc Dinner Suit    
2 Pc Suit         
3 Pc Suit    
Woollen coat    
Day Dresses      from    
Silk Dresses and ball gowns    from    
Wedding Dresses          from                                

 Duvets up to double               £

Duo Duvet winter/summer       £

Garment Repairs & Alteration



Trousers                                          £14.90

Skirts from                                       £14.90

Jackets up to 22"                             £21.50

Sizes above 22" quoted but-

aprox 80p per inch extra.

Childs coat zip from                          £15.00

Dress zips from                                £15.00

Cushion zips from                             £16.00


We can supply none standard zips by

special order.

An extra charge of £4 will apply and

may take a further 3 days.




Trousers                                         £14.50

Trousers with turn ups                      £15.50

Jacket and coat sleeves  from           £17.00

Above 1" and or buttons                   £21.00

Shorten length of coats                    £17.90

Skirts from                                      £13.50

Curtains/nets up to 60" eyelets         £37.00

Curtains/nets tape tops  from            £35.00




Standard trousers                             £14.50

Double seemed                                £ POA

Dress suit                                        £19.60




Trousers                                         £15.70

Skirts from                                      £15.70

Waiste and hips                              £22.00




Full trouser                                      £10.90

Half pocket .                                     £ 7.50

Coat pockets from.                           £13.00


Duvets single or double £19.00                               
Double combi duvets £26.00                                
Quilted Mattress covers £22.00                                
Single Sleeping bag £14.00                                
Double Sleeping Bag £19.00                                
Bedspreads     from  £18.00                                

Chair covers and curtains

Chair covers  per lb        £4.00                             
Curtains  per lb    from   £4.00                              
Carpet (limited size)      £18.00                            


Duvet Covers                                    £5.00

Pillow slips                                       £0.70

Sheets single                                   £2.00

Sheets double                                  £2.20

Fitted sheets                                    £4.00

Shirts pressed 5 for.........................£11.00

Shirts pressed 10 for                       £17.50

To wash and press add a further .       £7.00

Other services

Reproofing Raicoats         £10.00                              

Reproofing Jackets from     £8.00


Ugg Boots

We can:

Clean, re oil, waterproof

prices start from £15


We also do:

Pantomine costumes.

Work uniforms

Hotel, Clubs and restaurant

table cloths

Kitchen whites POA




V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V 



Web Site Deals




Single or double

2 for £35


King size £24 each

Great Service

Same day service on most garments when you come direct including Saturday


We also have agencies that we call on twice a day so you can drop off your standard cleaning before 10am and it is normally returned by 3pm the same day.

This is not a guaranteed service as stain removal can sometimes take longer to clean a garment.

However, if you need a garment by the next delivery then please tell the agent and we will return the item best results in the time.

See our services and agencies page for your nearest agent.



Dry Cleaned



Air Cleaned


New price list  will offer an automatic quantity discount. The prices on this web site are not inclusive of any discount which you can see in store only.



Offers only available direct & not through our agencies.

Offer does not include dinner suits, specialist clean, silks and payment must be made when leaving your garments.

Basic Dry Cleaning Prices


Trousers                         £ TBA

Skirts from                      £

2Pc Suits                      £

Winter coats                  £

Day Dresses from           £ Ladies 2Pc Dress suit  £

Jackets                        £

Wedding Dresses from        £

Boxes acid free               

Duvets double laundered     £

Ugg Boots from         £


Shorten Garments.

Skirts  from                   £14.50

Skirts with lining            £17.00

Trousers                       £14.50

 Coat & Jacket sleeves from   £17.00

Repair  prices are only for customers who come direct and may be higher through some agents.

Full price list in store or on our  web page.






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