Dry Cleaning & laundry service. 50 years of outstanding customer care.
         Dry Cleaning &         laundry service.         50 years of outstanding          customer care. 

High Quality Dry Cleaning

Our dry cleaning machines are computer controlled to give the finest quality of clean.

We use 100% virgin solvent giving a cleaner smell free finish.

With over 50 years experience we have the knowledge of fabrics that makes us your first choice when it comes to cleaning that special garment.




Our high quality laundry machines clean to a high level of finish while using the minimum water and detergent.


Every garment dry cleaned or laundered by us is hand pressed as part of our standard sevice.

Retexturing of garments dry cleaned is also standard.

Dry cleaning is often talked about as an environment poluter but this is far from the truth.

We use solvent to clean the dirt out of your clothes instead of water. The solvent passes though the fabric lifting dirt, dust and grit particals. These particals are first trapped  in a filter and the really small particals are stilled out of the solvent. The solvent is then 100% pure virgin solvent ready to clean the next  garments.

When you wash your garments at home you polute the environment far more. All the soap and fabric conditioner ends up in the drain and needing processing at the sewage works.


Regular servicing and constant monitoring means our machines never fail or have to be taken out of service.



Bank Holidays

10th April Good Friday

13th April Easter Monday

8th May VE Day

25th May Spring Holiday

31st August Summer BH

25th December Christmas

26th December Christmas

27th December Christmas

28th December Christmas










 Shop Hours.


Monday to Saturday

 9am to 5pm



10am to 1pm

01634 862030





We stock the total range of Dylon Dyes and fabric treatments.

Today it is very easy to dye your own garments with outstanding results.

Sending garment away to be dyed is expensive and often fails to achieve the colour you wanted.

With Dylon dyes you can re dye if the colour is not deep enough.

On natural fibres like cotton towels the results can be stunning. It is popular for customers to buy white towels and the dye to match the colour of their bathroom.

Why not give it a try !



Environment friendly



Low solvent consumption helps make our dry cleaning machines some of the greenest  dry cleaning systems. Waste solvent from our machines are sent away and we recover more solvent.



Trade & Retail

Our services are available to customers who wish to come direct to us or use one of agents ( see our list of agents in your area). We also do specialist cleaning  for other laundries and dry cleaners.




Yes we even clean the heads.

Specialist Cleaning

With over 50 years experience and our work with insurance companies recovering water and smoked damaged garments means we can clean just about anything.



<Wedding Dresses


We work hard to get your wedding dress back to looking like new.

All dresses are hand cleaned with a lot of attention to the bottom !

We have a dedicated team and we usually need about seven days to get the dress up to 100% clean.

We have time to talk to you about your dress when you bring it in and we will give you a price that is fixed.

Once the dress has been cleaned and pressed we ask you to come and inspect it before we box it in an acid free box.


Get those Duvets laundered.

Just £17.50 single or double




Dry Cleaning


2 x 2 Pc Suits

for just £18

       saving £3.00


 3 x 2Pc Suits

for just £26

        saving £5.50



Monday to



 Offer only available direct & not through our agencies.

Offer does not include dinner suits and payment must be made when leaving your garments.

Great Service

Same day service on most garments when you come direct including Saturday

We also have agencies that we call on twice a day so you can drop off your standard cleaning before 10am and it is normally returned by 3pm the same day.

This is not a guaranteed service as stain removal can sometimes take longer to clean a garment.

However, if you need a garment by the next delivery then please tell the agent and we will return the item best results in the time.

See our services and agencies page for your nearest agent.

Basic Dry Cleaning Prices


Trousers                           £ 5.40

Skirts from                        £ 5.40

2Pc Suits                          £10.50

Winter coats                     £ 8.70

Day Dresses from             £ 8.00

Ladies 2Pc Dress suit      £13.50

Jackets                            £ 7.50

Wedding Dresses from       £60.00

Duvets double laundered     £17.50


Shorten Garments.

Skirts  from                     £13.50

Skirts with lining             £16.00

Trousers                          £13.50

  Coat & Jacket sleeves from    £17.00


Full price list in store or on our  web page.






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